Personal Training

Get a Personalized Experience

Personal Training:

Got Goals? Get the benefit of having one on one training tailored to your specific goals. With specialized certifications, our trainers create a FUN, motivating, safe environment for you to just show up, and we’ve got the rest.

Small Group Training:

Benefit from in-depth instruction in a small group format (2-4 people) while still being able to focus on your individual goals. Our members are able to see the same benefits of personal training at a fraction of the cost! In fact, most of our members see the additional benefit of working out with others in a personal training session. It is important to have a personal trainer who can create a program specific to your needs to meet your goals. You will learn to perfect your form, push yourself further than you thought you could go and have a few others working towards goals of their own to cheer you on. The goal of small group is to reduce the risk of injury, create a personalized experience and having someone who holds you accountable for the time you spend exercising.

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